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This is a place for your photos of our leather dog collars and other products in use. Are you interested in a similar or completely different product? Write to us and we'll prepare a custom design for you, or you can simply send us a design for a product you'd like to see in our store.
The collar is really exquisite Hi DOGMOUNT! thank you for the collar, is really exquisite:-) Kind regards Market and Woody I'm excited! The collar just arrived, I'm excited! Thank you so much :-) Dominika and Hugo Both pieces are awesome The collar with the leash came today. Both pieces are awesome and, of course, Donny had to try it out right away:-) Thank you very muchViktor and Donny 9-month weimaraner Lord Good Saturday afternoon,sending photos of 9-month weimaraner Lord with his new beautiful collar, he is a bit restless :-) Lenka and Lord Kanie with the new collar Sending a photo of Kanie with the new collar! :) Vaclav and Kanie We like it very much I confirm that our collar has arrived and we like it very much. Great work, so thank you again.See my princess photo :)Christina Precise collar making Precise collar making exactly as per my requirement. Excellent communication. Thank you so much, and I recommend it at the same time. Roman and BEN Collar is excellent I would like to thank you for the great work, the collar is excellent, not sure if more enthusiastic was my female Roza or myself :-) Thank and wish many other satisfied customers, recommending there... Porthos is very pleased The package just arrived, thank you very much.. Porthos is very pleased:-).Jitka and Porthos Quality making Beautiful and quality making, packaging as an extra bonus. Ondra and Dexter The collar is fabulous The collar is fabulous, thank you very much again. Zuzan Do you prefer a custom laether dog collar? Just fill out this form. Bob thanks very much Speed, precision and great attitude. Everything was beautifully wrapped. So you feel like you're getting something really special. The maker even called what will look better on the collar, they communicate... Thea the most beautiful princess in the world Hello, Thea is, of course, the prettiest princess in the world, but with a collar from you it's like she's got a crown :-) Thank you very much, we love to turn to you again. Jana H. with his family... Tery and Jenny Tery and Jenny together :-) Arnold´s collar and leash Thank you for the perfect leather collar and the leash for our Arnold. We are very happy and Arnie (photo) can not wait to go out and show off  :-). We wish a lot of work success!Radim, Kamile and A... From the beginning to the end, you are definitely nr. one From the beginning to the end, you are definitely nr. one among online stores, hat's off to you. Misa and Mirek and Tery and Jenny The dog collars have arrived The dog collars have arrived and with a beautiful gift, thank you a lot !! Husband is impressed.Misa and Mirek and Tery and Jenny Wonderful job, fits perfectly Thank you very much for the collar and the leash. It's a wonderful job, the collar fits perfectly, everything came in a beautiful package and the cookie tasted a lot. Also thank you for the perfect communication.Satisfied... Gorgeous dog collar Thank you for the georgeous dog collar. The blue leather with white stitching really suits Bady. Lenka + Bady Beautiful collar for our Kira Hello, I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful collar for our Kira. I must not forget the beautiful packing in which the collar arrived and also would to thank for a great communication with... Excellent work Hello, attache you can find photos:-) Excellent work!! Thank you very much. Stepanka and Floki Me and Teddy like it very much Hello, today we picked up the collar and me and Teddy like it very much .. Size-fit is precise and looks great:-) Thanks. Natalia and Teddy Greetings supplier of a beautiful collar Greetings supplier of a beautiful collar. We just came back from the holiday when we tried the Jessica´s collar in practice. I have to testify that he has endured even the stressful situations when the... Even Marley likes the collar Hello, even Marley likes the collar. Thanks again! Jiri After months of searching for a high-quality collar, we finally found the right one Dear Dogmount,  I would like to thank you for the simply wonderful collar that arrived this morning, surpassing all my expectations. After searching several months for a high-quality collar that would... The collar is perfect I'm happy to say that the collar is perfect. Even after 6 months, we are still totally satisfied – we really appreciate its durability. And we also like the fact that it's made of genuine leather, a... We picked up the collar today We picked up the collar today. You can't see it too well in the picture, but she looks great in it! Lucie Thank you for the collars Thank you for the collars for Eross and Calvin; they are beautiful and look great on them, and even the packaging is a nice surprise. Natalie My new collar has arrived Dear Dogmount,My new collar has arrived. I didn't expect it to come so soon, and I am very happy. It was very nicely wrapped, and it's a shame to open that cube. A satisfied customer Dear Dogmount,On Friday I received the dog collar I ordered, and it's amazing. I am sending a photo. It fits perfectly. Thank you for the great customer service and precise work. All the best to you, and... Thank you for the beautiful collar Hello, and thank you for the beautiful collar; I am very satisfied. Unfortunately, I can't get a good picture of it on our hairy girl. Zaneta I must admit that I wasn't expecting this Dear Dogmount, Thank you very much for the dog collar – it is truly beautiful. I must admit that I wasn't expecting this. Outstanding craftsmanship.Thank you once again, and have a nice evening! Honza... Thank you once again for the beautiful collar Thank you once again for the beautiful collar. Veronika We are very satisfied Dear Dogmount,Our new collar has arrived, and we are very satisfied. Your work can be described in a single word: 'beautiful'. Petr, Denisa and Abiah. The collar for Samantha is beautiful The collar for Samantha is beautiful. Thank you! Zuzana and Samantha THANKS FOR THE FANTASTIC AND EXCEPTIONAL COLLAR! Good thing I was sitting down when I opened the package from Dogmount.... Otherwise I would probably have fallen over...The collar of my dreams arrived in unbelievably beautiful packaging (and with a present!),... Thank you Thank you for the beautiful collar for Carrie. Monika My DOGMOUNT collar arrived today My DOGMOUNT collar arrived today. The postal carrier delivered a box wrapper in black film. I couldn't wait to open it. I was in for a big surprise! The box with the company logo is beautiful. Inside was... Katynka looks great in her new collar Katynka looks great in her new collar, thank you once more – it truly pays to invest in quality. I was also surprised by the beautiful wrapping. Jitka Wonderful communication and a precise belt Wonderful communication and a precise belt Beautiful work! The belt is perfect, and I'm glad I ordered the wider one. It's the best belt I've ever had. Lukas Absolutely precise craftsmanship Absolutely precise craftsmanship; the collar fits perfectly, and it was delivered the day I received word that it was ready. Diamond jewellery would even look great in the luxury gift box the collar...

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